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What do you know and How can you act 

In this series of dialogues on the topic of sustainability, we started working with the key industrial players and academics to open a dialogue on understanding sustainability and its practice in each daily life. 

Man on His Bike

Online Webinar: Wednesday, 27 October 2021, Time 10:00 to 11:30hrs
How do those sustainability-spiration front runners understand and practice sustainability in their daily life and business? In this dialogue, we have invited four distinguished speakers to share with us their opinions. 
Keywords: sustainability, energy and net-zero emissions, circular economies, the Earth’s resources, social sustainability, resilience, and adaptation.
The urgency of this topic: the institutional system of humans is still NOT ready for the urgent call to change in order to avoid reaching the limit of the planetary resources.
This means that all states are called upon equally to play their part in finding shared solutions to the world's urgent challenges. In addition, incentives are to be created to encourage non-governmental actors to make an increasingly active contribution to sustainable development.
This series of dialogue closely collaborating with the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce


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