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Identitat Global Forum is an international forum focusing on the discussion of emerging global economic issues from a geopolitical perspective at the corporate, industrial, and national level. Identitat Global Forum aims to help stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the most current global phenomena that shape our present and the future. In the past few years, Identitat Global Forum has been successfully collaborating with Universities, industrial champions, acclaimed business leaders and Governments across the world, discussing emerging,fundamental topics such as growing world power rivalry between China and the USA, the role of the EU in the new world order, the continuous Industrial revolutions, the ramifications of technological progress (artificial intelligence, etc.), sustainable development goals, and wide-ranging issues arising in the context of China's Belt-Road-Initiative.

In Feb 2019, following the World Economic Forum in Davos, Identitat Global Forum has successfully organized its first annual Forum in Zurich. Together with academic and industrial partners and leaders (Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Zurich University, Belt-Road Institute , and Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce), Identitat Global Forum discussed and delivered a white paper namely  "The Changing World, Europe, and China", with contributions by leaders from the political, academic, entrepreneurial, industrial and environmental world from both Europe and China. The report, drawn up as a result of this Forum, analyses the economic and geopolitical impact of world changes on the Global Economy, and possible models and solutions for different countries and sectors seeking to survive in the current wave of trade disputes and the Changing World Order.


Identitat Global Forum chooses to take place in Switzerland on an annual basis, benefitting from the neutral ground of this host country and letting different voices be heard. As such, the Forum shall be the uniquely positioned birthplace of dialogue amongst protagonists of all stripes and colors. From time to time, Identitat Global Forum will organize additional events around the globe to seek to expand its reach beyond the horizons of Europe. Identitat Global Forum prides itself on being fiercely independent of any specific government or business interest. Its mission is to foster dialogue and solutions in a world that is becoming increasingly polarized.

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